Terms and Conditions

All keywords are subject to availability & company approval. Client understands and agrees that Clients account will be charged for the appropriate one time setup fee. Clients account will then be charged the monthly fee on the setup completion date. Client also understands and agrees that Clients account will be charged the ongoing monthly recurring fees agreed until cancelled by Client. Client must give 30 days notice in writing for cancelling service. If 30 days is not given the Client is responsible for all payments due within 30 days of cancellation. This agreement makes neither representations nor guarantees that it will generate web traffic or new customers for Client. SEO takes time because search engines and databases take time to locate and index your website, which can sometimes mean that changes we make may not be reflected in search results for 4-8 weeks. All sales are final. Company is not responsible for any temporary loss of search position caused by technical downtime or system upgrades in its systems or services. The provision of all keywords is at the discretion of YAHOO’s, BING’s and GOOGLE’s final approval. Monthly Renewal Fees are due one month from the effective date below (as approved by the Authorised Signatory), and every month thereafter until canceled by Client by contact Customer Service via email at support@rossermedia.co.uk.