Get Buyers Visiting Your Website From Search Engines

When people search online for your products or services, does your business show up first and stand out from the rest? Or are you leaving customers for your competitors?

Our flagship service focuses on dominating Google search results for keywords that buyers of your products/services are searching. For example if someone searches ‘rhinoplasty surgeon london’ they are clearly looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon in london, not just some information about the surgery or process.

Instead of simply improving the positioning of your website to take over the top position, we also build additional websites to rank them alongside yours. These websites use our unique website optimisation strategies to funnel leads or traffic through to your website.

This pushes your competitors further down the list to help your website stand out more from the rest. If potential customers don’t click on your website, they may well click on the next choice, which would also happen to be promoting your business.

We also mix this in with the local business (ABC) listings that showcases up to 7 local businesses names, websites, addresses and phone numbers. Ranking top in this is an extra position to control for your business that helps with taking full control of the search results when potential customers search for your products/services.

Overall this gives your business more control over what people see when searching for your products/services online and drives more of them to your website or at least, to contacting your company, which after all is the most important part.

As you may already know, we are not an ‘agency’ and we do not offer this service to just anyone. We work with up to 10 clients with a custom made online marketing package, tailored around their business. For example, this package could contain our unique approach to marketing on search engines, as explained here, as well as our website optimisation strategy to convert more of your website visitors into leads.

If you are interested in becoming one of our ten clients, click here to take the free 30 second survey to find out if we are a good fit to work together.