SEO Press Releases in Northampton

What would happen to your business if you had positive stories all over the media about you?

Your local councils website sharing the new jobs you’ve created or how your new product is helping local people?

Or even local newspapers, national newspapers, and large websites like Yahoo News?

Completely ignoring SEO, this could directly bring new customers to your door, and add even more trust and reasons to work with your business.

That is the power of press releases when used right.

As for search engine optimisation purposes, these press releases generate a massive influx of links to your website.

And that is the #1 ranking factor of the Google search engine.

If you suddenly had links from Yahoo News, your local council, a local newspaper/magazine, and 50+ other press release distribution sites – that is a lot of powerful and trustworthy links.

The difficulty comes in writing a press release that gets picked up by these outlets, and getting it in front of them.

If you want a Northampton based marketing consultant to do that for you, check out our SEO services page.

Otherwise there are numerous online services and guides on how to use press releases.

Here is a useful video from YouTube to get you started:

One company you can pay to distribute it for you are PRWeb, though remember you have to write it yourself.

Here are some tips to make the most out of press releases:

Share Real News – If you don’t have real news to share, don’t share it

Positivity or Negativity Drives Attention – If you’re shutting down your company and people are losing jobs, it’s likely you’ll get attention without even trying. Likewise if you’re hiring a few new people, that’s positive news to share.

Include a link – If you want to get any positive SEO impact, you need to make sure you include a link

Include your address – You can build citations for your business at the same time, just include your business name, address and phone number

Send multiple – This isn’t something you just do once then forget all about it, you should ideally be sending 1-2 per month