OnPage SEO Northampton

Onpage optimisation is the vehicle behind your rankings.

Backlinks are the fuel.

It’s common knowledge in the SEO world that backlinks are the most important ranking factor. The more you have from quality sites, the higher you’ll rank.

But onsite factors are your vehicle.

If you have a non-starter, it doesn’t matter how quality the fuel is that you put into it, it won’t start.

The same applies to your SEO.

If your site is badly setup, it doesn’t matter how many links you build, they won’t help.

That’s why it’s extremely important you have your site optimised correctly.

You can do it yourself, but it’s not simple. Here’s some things you need to look for:

Title Tag – Does it include the main keyword?

Meta Description – Does it include synonyms and variations of the main keyword? Does it read like an ad?

H1 Tag – Is it keyword focused and readable?

H3 Tags – Are they relevant to the terms you’re trying to rank for?

Supporting Pages – Do you have additional pages with relevant content to the terms you’re focusing on

Schema.org – Do you have structured data setup?

Internal Linking – Are you linking pages together? Are you doing this in a deliberate structure to power up important pages?

404 Pages – Are there any missing pages with links pointing to them?

Content Length – Do your pages you intend on ranking have enough content on them?

Authority Links – Are you linking out to authority sites to build trust?

Media Types – Are you including different types of media i.e. YouTube videos within your content?

Alt Tags – Do your images have alt tags to tell search engines what they are about?

And we could go on and on all day, there’s a lot of factors that come into play.

If you want to skip learning this yourself and hire a Northampton based expert to do it for you, see how you can hire us here.

Alternatively, there are plenty of videos and guides online that can get you started.

This video will help you get started:

Just remember some of this may be very technical, involving editing code on your website.