Local Map Pack Rankings Provider in Northampton

Ranking in the map pack is very important if you’re a local business.

If you don’t know what the “map pack” is, it’s also known as Google My Business.

Basically, it’s the local businesses that come up when searching for local services.

So if you were to search for “Plumbers in Northampton”, it comes up with a list of local plumbing companies.

Likewise if you’re based in Northampton, if you were just to search “Plumbers”, it will come up with the exact same list of companies.

The difference between these listings and the standard ones is that these ones show your address, phone number, reviews, and they have a link to your Google+ Page.

Not to mention that they usually appear above the standard results for local based searches, so they often get more clicks.

How do you rank in the Map Pack?

As for how to rank in the map pack, it comes down to numerous factors, but there’s a few main ones at play:

NAP Citations – The more references to your NAP (businesses name, address, and phone number) the higher you seem to rank.

Reviews – Businesses with more reviews tend to be positioned higher

Backlinks / Standard SEO – The standard SEO factors seem to have an influence on these rankings also. That means you shouldn’t ignore backlinks and standard best practices for SEO.

Fully Setup Listing – If your listing is setup properly full of images, videos, a description of your business, opening hours, etc. It seems to make it rank higher, which makes sense as it’s more useful.

If you want to hire a Northampton based expert to do this all for you, check out our services here.

Otherwise, here are some tips for doing it yourself:

Sign up to Business Directories – The easiest way of having references to your NAP (name, address, phone number) is to sign your business up to several business directories

Copy Your Competitors Citations – The easiest way to build citations is to see exactly which ones your competitors have, and then clone them.

Setup / Claim your listing – Make sure you login to GoogleMyBusiness, claim your businesses existing listing or create a new one, and then fill out your profile properly. Upload photos, videos, descriptions, etc.

Have an SEO strategy – Either hire someone or spend time yourself sorting out your onpage and building backlinks. This will be very helpful, especially for organic rankings.

Create a review generation system – Come up with a plan for getting your customers to leave positive reviews for your business. We personally use an intelligent tool for asking for feedback, that asks only happy customers to leave their reviews for you.

Here is a video with more tips that may help you:

We are definitely biased, but after watching this you can probably see for yourself how much work goes into this. It’s not something you spend a couple hours on, then it’s done.

So if you would like us to do this entirely for you, then get in touch, we’re happy to help.