SEO Link Building in Northampton

The biggest factor determining your rankings in the Google search engine in 2016 is the number and quality of backlinks you have.

Backlinks are links from other websites, pointing to yours.

These act like votes.

If your competitors have more backlinks than you, it’s likely they’re appearing higher in search engines than you.

Presuming you’ve taken care of the other SEO factors, you’re going to need to acquire links for your website.

This could come from:

Web 2.0 blogs (e.g. Tumblr, Weebly) – These have little power but you can build them around your brand name

Social Profiles (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) – Once again there is little power here, but they establish trust for your business

Blog Comments – A spammy outdated approach that many SEO’s used to use

Business Directories (e.g. Yell) – They provide little power, but they can potentially send you enquiries, and they show you’re a real local business

Authority Sites – Now we’re talking, read on…

If you could get links from websites like Huffington Post, The Evening Telegraph, your suppliers, local news websites, and big sites in your industry – what do you think that would do for your business?

Well, from an SEO perspective it will add a lot of trust and power to it, since these are very big websites that have a lot of power and trust themselves, and they’re essentially “vouching” for you with a link. And secondly, it could potentially send a wave of new customers to you.

We specialise in authority link building, but we also build other link types including web 2.0 blogs, social profiles, and business directories as they’re good for establishing trust and relevance.

If you’re a business in Northampton and want to see how this could benefit you,¬†click here to learn about hiring your own Northampton based results consultant.

Or you’re more than welcome to work on this yourself.

There is a lot to learn though, but there’s plenty of great resources online, like this video:

Here are some things to watch out for when building your own backlinks:

Anchor Text – The text you use as part of the link is extremely important. It tells Google what the page is about, but if over-optimised can cause a Penguin penalty

Which page you link to – For the most part, you want to link to the page you intend on ranking

Where you get links – If you get a link from a bad neighbourhood, you’ll damage your websites trust. If you get a link from a low authority site, it will help slightly, but your time will be better spent going after big authority sites

Automated Tools РDo not subscribe to any automated tools, even if the sellers tell you they work great. There is almost always a pattern these tools create that is easy to detect.

“Black Hat” Strategies – Black hat strategies refers to strategies that are against Google’s webmaster guidelines, and usually involve hacking or malicious efforts. An example would be a link placed on a hacked website. This can definitely help you rank higher, but is a short term strategy.

You can learn more in this beginners guide by Moz